Июн 2016
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1476184 км – общий пробег
The Mobi bike in Vancouver is a Smoove ! 
Smoove is very proud of its Mobi bike in Vancouver, Canada. 
More than 1000 congressists tried the smoove bike for a week through guided tours at the Pro Walk Pro Bike Pro Places event in Vancouver 12-15 sept 2016. A great success with its 7 gears, nice design and integrated key lock to stop and shop. Smoove works closely with the City of Vancouver, Mobi Vancouver bikeshare program and Cyclehop to provide the best bikesharing system in the world !
Smoove provides smart bikes, a whole concept of light and flexible platform, a full IT structure that allows to manage the bikes floats and a complete set of website and app that ease the life of cyclist to get their plan and unlock a bike when they are on the go !
More questions about how to implement bikeshare in your city in North America ? Contact Damien at d.vanderheyden@smoove.fr
And Mobi on Over in Vancouver, with Smoove :) www.mobibikes.ca


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